Photoshop Coloring Technique

December 27, 2008


This is a technique used to color old black and white photos or to give new photos an old feel. I used this technique to artisticly express a photograph of my daughter. Below is a tutorial of how I achieved this effect. If you have one, please, share with me.


1.) Open your black and white picture.



2.) Select your lasso tool and outline the section you want to color.




3.) Hit Control + alt + D (for a PC) on your keyboard to feather the color. Note: a greater feathering effect is applied when a large number is entered.



4.) Hit Control + U on your keyboard to pull up the Hue/Saturation pallet.



5.) Check the color box.

6.) Then adjust color to your liking.

       Hue= the color

       Saturation= How deep the color

       Lightness= How much black or white is added to the color

7.) Deselect the selection by clicking inside the selection.


8.) Go to next area and repeat these steps.


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Dreamweaver 8.0 Bug

December 16, 2008
For any one running Dreamweaver 8.0 and down loading IE7 beware of the bug.

I just recently downloaded internet explorer 7 on my computer. To make a long story short, internet explorer 7 wiped out my ftp connection in dreamweaver 8.0. Now I can’t update my web page or any of my clients. Aghhhhh. What a bad decision.

While trying to fix the issue, I went to Adobe for support. This is a known issue that has a fix but I have to reinstall the software. While reinstalling the software, there is a plugin for the fix Dreamweaver 8.02. Geuss what??? I don’t have the disk any more. So, I can’t go that route.
Warning Warning Warning
For any one running Dreamweaver 8.0 and down loading IE7 beware of the bug.

Here is the tech note link from adobe.


December 13, 2008


So you may want to know what is this RSS feed thing all bout. Below is a 3 min. video explaining RSS. In short, it is a quicker way to recieve information off the internet. Please watch, then subscribe.

Using the Pen tool

December 9, 2008

Using the pen tool in illustrator:


The Pen tool at first can be a bit tricky but with some practice
it is a very powerful tool.

The short cut to select the pen tool (on default settings) is the
letter P on your keyboard.



1.)Create a shape with the pen tool by selecting your starting point
first by left clicking.

2.)Then move your pen to the next spot and left click.



3.)A straight line will be drawn. To curve the line hold down the left
click and pull outward. Release the left click when you
are satisfied with the curve.


4.)Close the shape by clicking on your first anchor point.
That is how you create a shape in illustrator.

To change the color of the circle
1.)Select your move tool by hitting the letter V


2.)Select your shape by left clicking and draging over the shape.
A box will appear to let you know what is selected.

Your color chips tell you the color of the fill and stroke.
3.)Select the arrows to flip flop the colors.


Double click on the fill to open up the swatch pallet and select
a different color.


This is how you change colors in illustrator.

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Uploading web page from Dreamweaver

December 6, 2008


After you have picked your webhost 

Open Dreamweaver.

The first step you have to do is to define your site in Dreamweaver.

Select Site and click on New site option:



 Select  Advanced -> Local Info category:



In the Site name field, enter you site name. Tell Dreamweaver where to find  files that will be placed on the web. Enable Refresh local files list automatically and Enable cache option.

In the HTTP Address field, enter the URL that your remote Web site will use, so that Dreamweaver can verify links within your site.

 Click on Remote info in category:



 Access should be FTP.

In FTP host field type the remote server host name or just type your domain name.

Host directory=  This is the directory where you want to store your web site.

Enter your login information from your webhost.  Test your connection by clicking on Test button. 

Enable passive FTP option.

Click OK and that will complete your setup.

In your Dreamweaver workspace should be a window like this:


Choose your site from the list menu located on the top left corner and click on the button below to connect to remote server. Select a file or directory which you wish to upload and click on the arrow pointing upward. Or if you want to download file or directory you should your other arrow button.

This is how you upload your pages to the internet via Dreamweaver by FTP.


December 3, 2008

Using the lasso tool



You have a couple options using the lasso tool. Free hand, polygonal,
and magnetic lasso.

Free hand: is self explanitory.

Polygonal: will always have a point or straight line.

Magnetic: will try to detect the edge of the object you are trying to
1.) Open up an image file.
2.) Click on the polygonal lasso tool. (Hold down the left click button and select polygonal.)

3.) Go over to your image and zoom in. (Hit the letter Z on your keyboard.)
4.) Begin outlining the image.

5.) Once you are completed with outlining hit the letter V on the key board
to move the apple in the position you want it.



This is how you use the lasso tool in photoshop.

digital drawing tutorial

December 2, 2008


In this photoshop tutorial we will use the marquee tool, dodge and burn tool, hue / saturation , and gradient tool to create the ball.

1.)Open a new file
2.)Then create a new layer
3.)Create a circle with marquee tool in the new layer.


4.)Fill circle in with a gray color Alt + back space to fill with foreground color


5.)Select your dodge tool and highlight where the light hits the ball.
Adjust your exposure in the options pallet. I have mines set at 26% and range in the midtones.


6.) Next switch to highlights in the range option with the dodge tool. Draw in the highlights.


7.) Switch to your burn tool. Set exposure to 31%  and set range to midtones. Draw your shadows.


8.)With the burn tool switch range to shadows and darkened up the bottom.


9.) Make a new layer
10.)Select the elliptical marquee tool and draw an oval for the ball shadow. Fill it in with a nice dark color.(black)
11.) Make sure the shadow layer is below your ball layer in your layers pallet.



12.) Add color to the ball.


13.) Select the ball layer in layers pallet
14.) Hit control + U  on your keyboard. This will pull up a hue/saturation screen.
15.) Check colorize and play with the color until you like it.



16.)Select your shadows layer in the layers pallet. 



17.) Then click add layer mask.
18.) Hit the letter g on the key board to activate the gradient tool.
19.) Click inside the shadow drag out ward and let go before you reach the edge. A nice gradient should be on your balls shadow.