Why give ?

April 21, 2010

I was speaking with my brother Kevin the other day. He told me he saw my video tutorials and that they were pretty good but I shouldn’t tell my secrets. I laughed for a second because that is such an old way of thinking.

Why would I not share how I do something? Is it because they my duplicate exactly what I do and take business away from me? Yeah that may happen but they are not stealing business from me but creating new business for themself.

I am only giving them the tools to create. In this business there are a thousand solutions for one problem. There are a thousand different designers with the solution to the problem of creating a flyer, business card,website, or logo.

Not everyone will have the time or the passion to follow through with creating that marketing piece. Hey, they may not want to invest the money to buy the tools to achieve the desired results. Even if they do they may not have the passion to continue.

In that case they will be looking for a designer that they know who can do the job. Hopefully they will remember the great tutorials and valuable information that I gave away for free, and call me up to do some work.

In the end people remember you for what you give. People are honored for what they are given not what you keep or take in. That is only the by product of giving. Thats why I choose to give as much as I can. Hopefully you all enjoy the tutorials that I have provided on this site and I have developed a tutorial E-course that you can have for free. Sign up on my site at http://cdesign8.com and recieve your video instantly.



Navigating Photoshop

April 17, 2010

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to navigate Photoshop for all you newbies out there. Hopefully this is helpful. If you like this then sign up for a free 6 part E-course on PHOTOSHOP. Go to http://www.cdesign8.com. You will instantly download the course after sign up. Enjoy!