Creative Spot 9

August 29, 2009

I would like to introduce you all to a great videographer, Mike Hargrove. We meet some years back working at MET Life and have stayed in contact ever since. Mike is very passionate about his craft and will be writing post here on a regualr basis. Mike


1.Tells us some background information,your education,what you do, how long you’ve been doing it.

I’ve been doing freelance videography for about eight years now. As far as education goes I graduated from Specs Howard and am currently attending the International Acadamy of Design and Technology.

2.What made you become an videographer?

I was featured in this music video and when I saw the finished product I thought it was pretty good for what we had to work with. Then when my friend told me how much he paid for it, I saw nothing but dollar signs and said to myself, Im about to start making music videos. It started out about the money, but I ended up falling in love with it.


3.In the beginning how did you market yourself?

I didn’t. Up to this point I have always been working with another companies and it has always been word of mouth. And now, sad to say, all those compaines are no longer in bussiness because of that. With that lesson learned and I’m pretty much in charge now, things like social networking, websites, and any other free outlet, and there are plently of them, are top priority.

4.What tools do you use, software and hardware?

 Adobe creative suite(purchased not bootleged) Dell Presicions and Macbooks for on the go.


5.How do you manage the business side?

Not quite sure how to answer that one seeing how were in that whole starting over beginning stage.

6.where and how do you get inspiration to create?

Anything that chaches my eye. Im a collector of eye catching stuff. It can be anything from a poster to a t-shirt. If it catches my eye I gotta get it(if I can afford it) and figure out why it cought my attention.

7.what is some advice you can give to people just starting out as a videography?

What I want to say most off all is that a $5,000 Mac and a $10,000 HD cam does not automaticly qualify you as a professional videographer. I see a lot of people tring to use that as a selling point but when asked for a demo reel they dont really have one because the truth is they don’t really have anything worth showing. There is no substitute for hard work. Read the manual, practice your craft, and make the most of what you have.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Mike. I know they will look forward to seeing your articles on Videography.


Creative Spot 8

August 13, 2009

This interview is a little special this time around because this is some one I grew up with and know very well. My younger brother Kevin, a talented musician with great musical composition skills. So lets start…


1.Tells us some background information, your education, what you do, how long you’ve been doing it.
Hello my name is Kevin Davis. On Stage i go by the name of Kevin Nathaniel. That is my first and middle name. I graduated from Oak Park High, and then i went to N.I.T. i and graduated from there. Now i’m a Music producer engineer. I’ve been doing music production since i was in the tenth grade.

2.What made you become an musician/ music producer?

Well i started playing the piano when i was in the tenth, and when i listen two music i found myself trying to play all of the instruments  on the synth. I liked putting together music more than playing the piano. So i started recording myself on a cassette tape and beteween two tapes i would create a man made 8 track system of rerecording with different instruments. Then somebody i dont remember who got a roland xp 80…. AWWWW  that was heaven. but anyway. Family and friends always told me that my beats were sweet so i tried even harder to keep up with the sound of the day.


3.In the beginning how did you market yourself?

In the beginning i just used what i had which was church! Every church i went to i showed someone some music of mine even if there were no words to it. it got a real good positive feed back. people wanted tracks and they wanted me to meet others they knew. LOL

4.What tools do you use, software and hardware?

Now…. i use Logic pro 9.. its fairly new. i use it as my main recording software. I have a little bit of outboard gear and of course now days you HAVE TO HAVE some sort of auto tuner.  not for the T-Pain or Cher effect but just for perfection in the vocals!!!

 5.How do you manage the business side?

The business side is the only thing seperating the ones you hear and the ones you dont hear. Doing everything by yourself is hard so if your serious GET A MANAGER YOU CAN TRUST!! thinking about the music and the business is entirely toooo much. Well i have Partners that handle different things..  Ill tell you this… Whenever you collab or do any business  with others PUT EVERYTHING IN WRITING.  if the other party doesnt want to its not worth your time anyways. And they are prob not serious.

6.where and how do you get inspiration to create music?

I get alot of inspiration from ColdPlay, The Dream, Kanye, and alot of CCM artists…

7.what is some advice you can give to people just starting out as a musician or producer?

I will tell you this…. In order for you to get anything out of music you gotta have self determination because everyones not always gonna be tellin you “hey man thats sweet”..   LOL… but for real you got to push YOUR SELF!!!


Thanks for the interview Kev… I know people will look forward to you posting some tutorials on mastering some basics on the tools you use. Please check out his music it is excellent.

3 Advantages for hiring Caleb

August 6, 2009

There are many advantages for hiring a graphic designer. I would like to highlight three advantages for hiring Caleb from Creative Graphic Art.

3 strikes

1.) I’ll stretch your dollar to meet your needs. As a growing business with a tight budget I can suggest ideas and creative ways to reach your audience. There are cost effective ways to achieve big results. You just have to think creatively. In addition, my time in the field has allowed me to find great deals for web hosting and printing. 

2.) I’ll save you time. I have tutorials for photoshop and illustrator at Anyone is more than welcome to try their hand at mastering the tools of the trade. But mastering the tools will take time.  You may not have time to figure out the tools. Why try to be jack of all trades when you’re the ace in your profession. Adding a graphic designer to your team like me is a great way to build around your skill.

3.) I’ll bring creative energy and ideas with an artistic twist and service that will be unmatched.

Drop me an email at and ask about services and prices.