My Favorite Hat

September 15, 2010

For my birthday, my wife bought me a hat with the Creative Graphic Arts logo on it. This is my new favorite hat!!! Although it was suppose to be a surprise gift, it was not a suprise because she needed my help to provide the correct art work to the “stitching guy”.  This gave me a thought on how important the graphic artist really is to any business, marketing department,  or brand management agency.

One of the core responsibilities of the graphic artist is to communicate to the printer/ embroiderer. From printing business cards to stitching on a hat or t-shirt. It all starts with good art. If you give the production order on bad art work then you will get bad work out. Many beginning graphic artist and “do it yourselfers” will pull images off the web and try to have the art work printed on T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, brochures, flyers, and business cards with the image coming out very grainy or pixilated.

A couple things to know when having your logo or art work produced on clothing or flyers.

To Designers:

1.) Provide a logo  in vector form to start like an .eps to your client. This will allow you to adapt your logo to the size needed for the application. If you create a logo for a business card and then you need to place a logo on a t shirt and then for a website. If you rasterize the image for one it will hard to use them for all these applications. If you start with a vector and save to a rasterized image then you can tailor the image to the media.

2.) Craft your art work to the media you are trying to apply it to.


Kela thanks for the Hat babe… I love you.

 If you would like to learn how to use Illustrator or Photoshop go to and sign up for the free Creative tips and tricks e-book.


Why give ?

April 21, 2010

I was speaking with my brother Kevin the other day. He told me he saw my video tutorials and that they were pretty good but I shouldn’t tell my secrets. I laughed for a second because that is such an old way of thinking.

Why would I not share how I do something? Is it because they my duplicate exactly what I do and take business away from me? Yeah that may happen but they are not stealing business from me but creating new business for themself.

I am only giving them the tools to create. In this business there are a thousand solutions for one problem. There are a thousand different designers with the solution to the problem of creating a flyer, business card,website, or logo.

Not everyone will have the time or the passion to follow through with creating that marketing piece. Hey, they may not want to invest the money to buy the tools to achieve the desired results. Even if they do they may not have the passion to continue.

In that case they will be looking for a designer that they know who can do the job. Hopefully they will remember the great tutorials and valuable information that I gave away for free, and call me up to do some work.

In the end people remember you for what you give. People are honored for what they are given not what you keep or take in. That is only the by product of giving. Thats why I choose to give as much as I can. Hopefully you all enjoy the tutorials that I have provided on this site and I have developed a tutorial E-course that you can have for free. Sign up on my site at and recieve your video instantly.


Free Creative Gift

December 9, 2009

This has been such a good year for me. Creative Graphic Art website has increased traffic from 10-15 views per month to an average of 300-400 views per month over the last year. As a thank you, I am offering a free logo design or webpage or flyer design for free no strings attached, which ever you choose. Click on the link below and fill out the form. I am looking for small business owners, hair and nail techs, Pastors, Doctors, laywers, and anyone that need to get a message out. I will notify you by email on Dec 16th. If I currently work with you feel free to put in your request, all are welcome.

The logo design is valued at $150.00
The html webpage design is valued at $100.00/page
The flyer is valued at $50.00
Again thank you for such a great year. Iam excited to show you all what I have planned for 2010.

Creative Spot 9

August 29, 2009

I would like to introduce you all to a great videographer, Mike Hargrove. We meet some years back working at MET Life and have stayed in contact ever since. Mike is very passionate about his craft and will be writing post here on a regualr basis. Mike


1.Tells us some background information,your education,what you do, how long you’ve been doing it.

I’ve been doing freelance videography for about eight years now. As far as education goes I graduated from Specs Howard and am currently attending the International Acadamy of Design and Technology.

2.What made you become an videographer?

I was featured in this music video and when I saw the finished product I thought it was pretty good for what we had to work with. Then when my friend told me how much he paid for it, I saw nothing but dollar signs and said to myself, Im about to start making music videos. It started out about the money, but I ended up falling in love with it.


3.In the beginning how did you market yourself?

I didn’t. Up to this point I have always been working with another companies and it has always been word of mouth. And now, sad to say, all those compaines are no longer in bussiness because of that. With that lesson learned and I’m pretty much in charge now, things like social networking, websites, and any other free outlet, and there are plently of them, are top priority.

4.What tools do you use, software and hardware?

 Adobe creative suite(purchased not bootleged) Dell Presicions and Macbooks for on the go.


5.How do you manage the business side?

Not quite sure how to answer that one seeing how were in that whole starting over beginning stage.

6.where and how do you get inspiration to create?

Anything that chaches my eye. Im a collector of eye catching stuff. It can be anything from a poster to a t-shirt. If it catches my eye I gotta get it(if I can afford it) and figure out why it cought my attention.

7.what is some advice you can give to people just starting out as a videography?

What I want to say most off all is that a $5,000 Mac and a $10,000 HD cam does not automaticly qualify you as a professional videographer. I see a lot of people tring to use that as a selling point but when asked for a demo reel they dont really have one because the truth is they don’t really have anything worth showing. There is no substitute for hard work. Read the manual, practice your craft, and make the most of what you have.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Mike. I know they will look forward to seeing your articles on Videography.

3 Advantages for hiring Caleb

August 6, 2009

There are many advantages for hiring a graphic designer. I would like to highlight three advantages for hiring Caleb from Creative Graphic Art.

3 strikes

1.) I’ll stretch your dollar to meet your needs. As a growing business with a tight budget I can suggest ideas and creative ways to reach your audience. There are cost effective ways to achieve big results. You just have to think creatively. In addition, my time in the field has allowed me to find great deals for web hosting and printing. 

2.) I’ll save you time. I have tutorials for photoshop and illustrator at Anyone is more than welcome to try their hand at mastering the tools of the trade. But mastering the tools will take time.  You may not have time to figure out the tools. Why try to be jack of all trades when you’re the ace in your profession. Adding a graphic designer to your team like me is a great way to build around your skill.

3.) I’ll bring creative energy and ideas with an artistic twist and service that will be unmatched.

Drop me an email at and ask about services and prices.


July 30, 2009


Building a brand is not a one time attempt. A brand is built over time in the mind of the consumers. Creating a logo, brochure, business card, flyer, or website is not the complete outline of your business. The building in which your business resides is not the complete impression but having a controlled consistent approach in bringing them all together over time creates a more complete picture and credibility of your business  in the consumers mind.

What does your business promise to the consumer?  This is the point businesses constently push on commercials, billboards, magazines, Internet, and TV ads. Seeing the message and images over and over again we begin to formulate an opinion or thought about the significance of the product being presented. When people buy the information, product or service they tend to recommend it to their associates. If the product or service is unsatisfactory they will not recommend your business. We as business owners do everything we can to sway a good response.

To strongly influence a good response from the consumers, business owners put in many hours to perfect the product or service.  Many times businesses neglect the outer branding that must go in tangent with the inner brand. Repeatedly transmitting the news of your business to the consumers will go far. Constantly projecting an image or outer brand through your business cards, website, brochures, flyers, and posters will build your brand over time. 

In addition, inner branding must be worked on a daily basis. Inner branding deals with the product or service, employees and all internal dealings. The outer brand should always reflect the internal brand without embellishments. If the internal brand is awful and the outer brand is excellent people will try it and not return because it will seem like the product and/or service was falsely advertised. If the internal brand is good and the outer branding is lousy then no one will come because it looks undesirable. If the internal brand and the outer branding is good then you will have satisfied customers who will recommend you to their people because you are delivering what is advertised. This is what a business strives to accomplish. Bringing all the pieces together over time creates credibility and brand value of your business in the consumers mind.

Good design is

July 17, 2009


When you look at a piece of art what draws you to it? Although art and design are subjective, there are principles of design that cross all art forms from, architecture to painting.  Here are a few principals that good design follows.

Repitition: This gives people comfort knowing what to expect from the art piece. Repetition gives a calming affect. For example look below. 


Contrast: Differences in size, color, tone, or value add intrest to the piece. In creating your graphics the focal point should have the greatest contrast.

wallpaper copy1

Dominance: Giving objects some hierarchy by size will tell the viewer where to look first, second, and so on. Typically people look at the big objects first.


Balance: This is vital in bringing the piece all together. If the piece feels unbalance then it is hard to look at for long periods of time. To illustrate how you need to balance your piece, take a spoon and find the point of balance with your middle finger. Notice that, although the spoon may be 5 inches long your finger is about an inch from the edge. imagine that on a piece of paper. The place of your finger is the center line on the page.


Repetition, contrast, dominance, and balance combine to reveal a strong compostion. This is good design. Good design is working these design principals to attract. This is what good design is…