Understand that branding is the sum of everything your business is in the mind of the consumer, creating good experiences at every touch point is key to your success. One of the most important aspects of your entrepernurial endeavors is distinguishing yourself from your competition and creating loyalty. Creating a logo gives the consumer a quick reference to identify your company. Thus, distinguishing yourself from your competition. Your unique selling point will set you apart from the competition even more. Here are five reasons to create a logo and provide marketing material


1. It brands you/ company

2. It complys to what the consumer expects.

3. It shows commitment and personal pride to your company.

4. It makes your company look bigger

5. Attracts more clients/ consumers Here are some suggestions on building your own logo.



1. Keep it simple

2. Differentiate yourself

3. Use colors that are meaningful but use no more than two primary colors

4. Should work well in black and white.

5. It works in different sizes (scalable). Remember,although, the logo is a fraction of branding your company, it is many times the first impression of your company. So, your logo should always say “professional” in whatever industry you may be in.


One Response to LOGOS

  1. Reyna says:

    Hi I am college student that got into web design class and it is way over my head. I have a project to submit and I am looking for someone to create the skeleton (css and html files) of such project. It can be anything like advertising, sales, etc. The thing that it has to have rollover images, pulldowns with links that take from one seature of the website to another. I told the teacher I would do a toy store website. Not as complicated of course, but something like toysrus or kmart that has all the links and so on. This is ficticious, so the links do not have to go beyond the ebsite itself.
    Can you help? How much? How much time?

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