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December 9, 2009

This has been such a good year for me. Creative Graphic Art website has increased traffic from 10-15 views per month to an average of 300-400 views per month over the last year. As a thank you, I am offering a free logo design or webpage or flyer design for free no strings attached, which ever you choose. Click on the link below and fill out the form. I am looking for small business owners, hair and nail techs, Pastors, Doctors, laywers, and anyone that need to get a message out. I will notify you by email on Dec 16th. If I currently work with you feel free to put in your request, all are welcome.

The logo design is valued at $150.00
The html webpage design is valued at $100.00/page
The flyer is valued at $50.00
Again thank you for such a great year. Iam excited to show you all what I have planned for 2010.



July 30, 2009


Building a brand is not a one time attempt. A brand is built over time in the mind of the consumers. Creating a logo, brochure, business card, flyer, or website is not the complete outline of your business. The building in which your business resides is not the complete impression but having a controlled consistent approach in bringing them all together over time creates a more complete picture and credibility of your business  in the consumers mind.

What does your business promise to the consumer?  This is the point businesses constently push on commercials, billboards, magazines, Internet, and TV ads. Seeing the message and images over and over again we begin to formulate an opinion or thought about the significance of the product being presented. When people buy the information, product or service they tend to recommend it to their associates. If the product or service is unsatisfactory they will not recommend your business. We as business owners do everything we can to sway a good response.

To strongly influence a good response from the consumers, business owners put in many hours to perfect the product or service.  Many times businesses neglect the outer branding that must go in tangent with the inner brand. Repeatedly transmitting the news of your business to the consumers will go far. Constantly projecting an image or outer brand through your business cards, website, brochures, flyers, and posters will build your brand over time. 

In addition, inner branding must be worked on a daily basis. Inner branding deals with the product or service, employees and all internal dealings. The outer brand should always reflect the internal brand without embellishments. If the internal brand is awful and the outer brand is excellent people will try it and not return because it will seem like the product and/or service was falsely advertised. If the internal brand is good and the outer branding is lousy then no one will come because it looks undesirable. If the internal brand and the outer branding is good then you will have satisfied customers who will recommend you to their people because you are delivering what is advertised. This is what a business strives to accomplish. Bringing all the pieces together over time creates credibility and brand value of your business in the consumers mind.

Photoshop Coloring Technique

December 27, 2008


This is a technique used to color old black and white photos or to give new photos an old feel. I used this technique to artisticly express a photograph of my daughter. Below is a tutorial of how I achieved this effect. If you have one, please, share with me.


1.) Open your black and white picture.



2.) Select your lasso tool and outline the section you want to color.




3.) Hit Control + alt + D (for a PC) on your keyboard to feather the color. Note: a greater feathering effect is applied when a large number is entered.



4.) Hit Control + U on your keyboard to pull up the Hue/Saturation pallet.



5.) Check the color box.

6.) Then adjust color to your liking.

       Hue= the color

       Saturation= How deep the color

       Lightness= How much black or white is added to the color

7.) Deselect the selection by clicking inside the selection.


8.) Go to next area and repeat these steps.


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Pathfinder tool

November 27, 2008
a poster

a poster

 In this poster recently done I used the pathfinder tool in Illustrator to create the arrows. To use your pathfinder tool:

First draw two shapes that you want to join together.

Then go to windows –> pathfinder and click on it.


Your pathfinder pallete will open up. Overlap the shapes and select them both. In your pathfinder pallete select add shape area then hit expand. ( now it is one shape)


That is how you use the pathfinder tool. Play with the other functions in the pallete to create other shapes.

To make the arrow look 3D I use the 3D effect. Check out the 3D tutorial.