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December 9, 2009

This has been such a good year for me. Creative Graphic Art website has increased traffic from 10-15 views per month to an average of 300-400 views per month over the last year. As a thank you, I am offering a free logo design or webpage or flyer design for free no strings attached, which ever you choose. Click on the link below and fill out the form. I am looking for small business owners, hair and nail techs, Pastors, Doctors, laywers, and anyone that need to get a message out. I will notify you by email on Dec 16th. If I currently work with you feel free to put in your request, all are welcome.

The logo design is valued at $150.00
The html webpage design is valued at $100.00/page
The flyer is valued at $50.00
Again thank you for such a great year. Iam excited to show you all what I have planned for 2010.


3 Advantages for hiring Caleb

August 6, 2009

There are many advantages for hiring a graphic designer. I would like to highlight three advantages for hiring Caleb from Creative Graphic Art.

3 strikes

1.) I’ll stretch your dollar to meet your needs. As a growing business with a tight budget I can suggest ideas and creative ways to reach your audience. There are cost effective ways to achieve big results. You just have to think creatively. In addition, my time in the field has allowed me to find great deals for web hosting and printing. 

2.) I’ll save you time. I have tutorials for photoshop and illustrator at Anyone is more than welcome to try their hand at mastering the tools of the trade. But mastering the tools will take time.  You may not have time to figure out the tools. Why try to be jack of all trades when you’re the ace in your profession. Adding a graphic designer to your team like me is a great way to build around your skill.

3.) I’ll bring creative energy and ideas with an artistic twist and service that will be unmatched.

Drop me an email at and ask about services and prices.

The Creative Spot 6

April 12, 2009

Meet J. Woods

1.Tells us some background information, your education, what you do, how long you’ve been doing it?

I’m From Pittsburgh, Pa now living in North Jersey. My hobbies are art, graphic novels, biking, boxing, and weight training. I’ve been drawing since Kindergarden and I’m self taught getting the artist genes from both my mom and dad. ( I think more from my mom) lol. I went to Edinboro University to become an  Art Teacher and ended up leaving there and going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Graphic Design in 95. I’m an Artist, but a Graphic Designer by trade. Been in the Graphic Design field for 12 years and 6 of then was doing Graphic Apparel on the side.


2.What made you become an artist/designer?Like I said before I’ve been drawing since Kindergarden, but what got me started was my grandfather and uncles got tired of me asking them to draw superheroes when I was young. They drew me one last pic, told me to look at this drawing and try to do it yourself! And the rest was history after that. I got into Graphic Design in 95 because I loved to draw and creating pieces with computers were another way to broaden my work. So I enrolled that year at AIP and been doing it ever since.


3.In the beginning of your career how did you market yourself?

I marketed myself by pounding the pavement, telling friends, family etc., what i can do and if you needed art or design help then I was your man. Alot of it can from school, cats saw my work and wanted me to do flyers, t-shirt designs, graffiti and all kinds of stuff.


4.What tools do you use, software and hardware?Pencils, Pens, Markers, some Paints. I use both PC’s and MAC’s to get the graphic design side done. I use many graphic programs, but since I’m into Graphic Apparel, i mainly use Illustrator.


5.How do you manage the business side?

My Dream is to become one of the top Graphic Apparel Cats out there, and managiing that with a family is hard work.
After you make sure the house and fam is in order what ever I have left over goes towards my goal. I try to keep all my duck in a row (keep fresh artwork ready for print, get stuff copywrittin when needed, do my homework to see who is doing what in the graphic apparel game, what new trends are out and what new programs are in).


6.where and how do you get inspiration to design?Everywhere, everything and everyone inspires me. From a hot artist whos skills make me push mine to the next level. To a scenery in a park.


7.what is some advice you can give to people just starting out?

Stay focused, stay strong and always do your homework no matter what field your in.
Research your field, find out what’s new, find out the leaders and losers in the game because you can learn from both of them on what to do and not to do. Most important let no one kill you dream.

Joe, thank you for taking the time to share with us.


January 25, 2009

Swashes are decorative extended strokes. You see this quit often in wedding invitations. I created some swashes in a flyer below. This tutorial outlines how I created this swash in Illustrator.



1.)   The fastest way to get your ideas out is to sketch with pen and paper. Sketch out your type with swatches. Then scan it into your computer as I have done below.


2.) Open the scanned image in Illustrator. Lock the layer and create a new layer. This will allow you to trace over top of the type without moving the scanned image.


3.) Next select your text with the move tool and create outlines.(right click  and select outlines) Also,choose another color other than black for better visibility. 



4.) Begin outlining your sketched swashes.


4.) Select another color and create the holes. Make sure your pen tool is on outline and not fill.

5.) Select both color outlines and use your pathfinder pallet to cut out the shape. To open your pathfinder pallet go to windows –> pathfinder.


6.) Use the pathfinder pallet again to group them together. (When they are grouped together a selection on any part of the type selects all.)


7.) Continue using this same technique through out. Using your pen tool and pathfinder pallet.

8.) Lastly change the color back to your choice color.

If you are having trouble with this tutorial check out the pathfinder tutorial or pen tool tutorial. Below is the end result and how I used my swashes in a flyer.



Using the Pen tool

December 9, 2008

Using the pen tool in illustrator:


The Pen tool at first can be a bit tricky but with some practice
it is a very powerful tool.

The short cut to select the pen tool (on default settings) is the
letter P on your keyboard.



1.)Create a shape with the pen tool by selecting your starting point
first by left clicking.

2.)Then move your pen to the next spot and left click.



3.)A straight line will be drawn. To curve the line hold down the left
click and pull outward. Release the left click when you
are satisfied with the curve.


4.)Close the shape by clicking on your first anchor point.
That is how you create a shape in illustrator.

To change the color of the circle
1.)Select your move tool by hitting the letter V


2.)Select your shape by left clicking and draging over the shape.
A box will appear to let you know what is selected.

Your color chips tell you the color of the fill and stroke.
3.)Select the arrows to flip flop the colors.


Double click on the fill to open up the swatch pallet and select
a different color.


This is how you change colors in illustrator.

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