My Favorite Hat

September 15, 2010

For my birthday, my wife bought me a hat with the Creative Graphic Arts logo on it. This is my new favorite hat!!! Although it was suppose to be a surprise gift, it was not a suprise because she needed my help to provide the correct art work to the “stitching guy”.  This gave me a thought on how important the graphic artist really is to any business, marketing department,  or brand management agency.

One of the core responsibilities of the graphic artist is to communicate to the printer/ embroiderer. From printing business cards to stitching on a hat or t-shirt. It all starts with good art. If you give the production order on bad art work then you will get bad work out. Many beginning graphic artist and “do it yourselfers” will pull images off the web and try to have the art work printed on T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, brochures, flyers, and business cards with the image coming out very grainy or pixilated.

A couple things to know when having your logo or art work produced on clothing or flyers.

To Designers:

1.) Provide a logo  in vector form to start like an .eps to your client. This will allow you to adapt your logo to the size needed for the application. If you create a logo for a business card and then you need to place a logo on a t shirt and then for a website. If you rasterize the image for one it will hard to use them for all these applications. If you start with a vector and save to a rasterized image then you can tailor the image to the media.

2.) Craft your art work to the media you are trying to apply it to.


Kela thanks for the Hat babe… I love you.

 If you would like to learn how to use Illustrator or Photoshop go to and sign up for the free Creative tips and tricks e-book.


Free Video Software

June 9, 2010

I just wanted to share with you the video software that I use to make my video tutorials. Its called camstudio. You can down load it at . Its a great way to record presentations off your computer screen.

You can create video tutorials like I do or create video presentations of your computer screen. Post them on Youtube or embed them in your blog or website.

It is very easy to use. Here are some highlights of the software.

1.) you have the ability to save it as an .AVI or a .SWF format

2.) You can record full screen or define the area you want recorded.

3.) You have the option to record audio simultaniously or not.

4.)  You also can highlight the curser so people can easily identify what you are pointing at on screen. I like this function.

Please take a look at the short tutorial below of the software. Just so you can get the feel of what the software can do for you. I would recommend this especially if you are on a tight budget. It is worth the price… lol.

Please leave a comment on what you think about the software. Would this be useful for you?

Good design is

July 17, 2009


When you look at a piece of art what draws you to it? Although art and design are subjective, there are principles of design that cross all art forms from, architecture to painting.  Here are a few principals that good design follows.

Repitition: This gives people comfort knowing what to expect from the art piece. Repetition gives a calming affect. For example look below. 


Contrast: Differences in size, color, tone, or value add intrest to the piece. In creating your graphics the focal point should have the greatest contrast.

wallpaper copy1

Dominance: Giving objects some hierarchy by size will tell the viewer where to look first, second, and so on. Typically people look at the big objects first.


Balance: This is vital in bringing the piece all together. If the piece feels unbalance then it is hard to look at for long periods of time. To illustrate how you need to balance your piece, take a spoon and find the point of balance with your middle finger. Notice that, although the spoon may be 5 inches long your finger is about an inch from the edge. imagine that on a piece of paper. The place of your finger is the center line on the page.


Repetition, contrast, dominance, and balance combine to reveal a strong compostion. This is good design. Good design is working these design principals to attract. This is what good design is…



January 25, 2009

Swashes are decorative extended strokes. You see this quit often in wedding invitations. I created some swashes in a flyer below. This tutorial outlines how I created this swash in Illustrator.



1.)   The fastest way to get your ideas out is to sketch with pen and paper. Sketch out your type with swatches. Then scan it into your computer as I have done below.


2.) Open the scanned image in Illustrator. Lock the layer and create a new layer. This will allow you to trace over top of the type without moving the scanned image.


3.) Next select your text with the move tool and create outlines.(right click  and select outlines) Also,choose another color other than black for better visibility. 



4.) Begin outlining your sketched swashes.


4.) Select another color and create the holes. Make sure your pen tool is on outline and not fill.

5.) Select both color outlines and use your pathfinder pallet to cut out the shape. To open your pathfinder pallet go to windows –> pathfinder.


6.) Use the pathfinder pallet again to group them together. (When they are grouped together a selection on any part of the type selects all.)


7.) Continue using this same technique through out. Using your pen tool and pathfinder pallet.

8.) Lastly change the color back to your choice color.

If you are having trouble with this tutorial check out the pathfinder tutorial or pen tool tutorial. Below is the end result and how I used my swashes in a flyer.




January 10, 2009


Animation vs. Usability

I would like to outline some of the pros and cons of html and flash.

HTML pros:
Hyper text markup language is supported by all browsers on all
platforms of computers. This allows you to reach the broadest
audience. Dial up to T1 connection internet Explorer or Safari.
2.) Takes total advantage of Search Engine Optimization.By showing
search engine spiders that your site is a good source of information.

Flash pros:
Has interactivity and animation ability.

2.) The potential for creativity is limitless.

HTML cons:
Static page

Flash cons:
Doesn’t work with all browsers or connections.

If you understand a little on how people surf the web, then you
know people are impatient. If your web page doesn’t pop up in a couple
seconds they are on to the next. You’ve just lost that potential
customer. So, when constructing your web page ask yourself what is its

In my opinion, using a balance of both gives good results.
Capturing the consumers attention with flash and feeding them
information with good usable HTML.


November 27, 2008


As an artist and musician some of my best work is done when I am inspired. Inspiration comes and goes but is everywhere. Family, friends, music, books and my enviroment many times motivates me to create.

In the Layout Book by Paul Rand he states that” Inspiration is the spirit or energy that motivates the
creative process and provides the impetus to solve communication problems. It engages the senses of the designer and fosters originality. Inspiration signals the beginning of an idea.”

Some of the ideas I’ve had are so fragile that if I don’t jot them down and get them in writting they are gone forever.

The Illustration of my son and daughter where inspired by them. The way in which it was drawn was also inspired by them.I tried to capture the feeling that I get from them. Naveh soft and gentle, Josiah was a little more firm. I have found that I am mostly inspired by my suroundings and great music.

This leads me to ask what inspires you? How do you communicate and express your creativity? Is it through writing, drawing, singing or some other form? Where has some of your best, most creative work been inspired from? Is it a person or a movie?


As a graphic artist it is important for me to continually keep fresh ideas and motivation to produce good work.I have found that a change of scenery and trying new things give a rejuvinating spark. Tell me, how do you keep yourself motivated to produce?

Sign up for the Quick Start video tutorials at  These are step by step instructions on how to use photoshop. This should be a little motivations for you