digital drawing tutorial

December 2, 2008


In this photoshop tutorial we will use the marquee tool, dodge and burn tool, hue / saturation , and gradient tool to create the ball.

1.)Open a new file
2.)Then create a new layer
3.)Create a circle with marquee tool in the new layer.


4.)Fill circle in with a gray color Alt + back space to fill with foreground color


5.)Select your dodge tool and highlight where the light hits the ball.
Adjust your exposure in the options pallet. I have mines set at 26% and range in the midtones.


6.) Next switch to highlights in the range option with the dodge tool. Draw in the highlights.


7.) Switch to your burn tool. Set exposure to 31%  and set range to midtones. Draw your shadows.


8.)With the burn tool switch range to shadows and darkened up the bottom.


9.) Make a new layer
10.)Select the elliptical marquee tool and draw an oval for the ball shadow. Fill it in with a nice dark color.(black)
11.) Make sure the shadow layer is below your ball layer in your layers pallet.



12.) Add color to the ball.


13.) Select the ball layer in layers pallet
14.) Hit control + U  on your keyboard. This will pull up a hue/saturation screen.
15.) Check colorize and play with the color until you like it.



16.)Select your shadows layer in the layers pallet. 



17.) Then click add layer mask.
18.) Hit the letter g on the key board to activate the gradient tool.
19.) Click inside the shadow drag out ward and let go before you reach the edge. A nice gradient should be on your balls shadow.