5 step Design Service

If you are interested in having a flyer, poster, cd cover, business card, website or some other creative service please inquire. It is only a 5 step process from start to finish. If you would like to know the price range for a specific service then shoot an email to Creative Graphic Art at caleb@cdesign8.com we will send you a general price range for projects.



1.) Briefing: To get the process started fill out the creative brief and email it to caleb@cdesign8.com. This brief will give me background information concerning you, your business and the services you desire. Download the creative brief by clicking this link PDF File

2.) Proposal: Based on the creative brief you supply and our pricing guide a service agreement will be provided to you by email. Once the terms are agreed to then we go to the next step.

3.) Design: The work begins. The project will determine the length of time before receiving the first draft.

4.) Approval: The drafts will be presented for you to approve or reject. If concept is rejected, feed back is required for revisions. Steps 3 and 4 are repeated until design is approved. Once approved then we proceed to step 5.

5.) Deliver Goods: Based on the agreement you will be provided your deliverables.


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