Good design is


When you look at a piece of art what draws you to it? Although art and design are subjective, there are principles of design that cross all art forms from, architecture to painting.  Here are a few principals that good design follows.

Repitition: This gives people comfort knowing what to expect from the art piece. Repetition gives a calming affect. For example look below. 


Contrast: Differences in size, color, tone, or value add intrest to the piece. In creating your graphics the focal point should have the greatest contrast.

wallpaper copy1

Dominance: Giving objects some hierarchy by size will tell the viewer where to look first, second, and so on. Typically people look at the big objects first.


Balance: This is vital in bringing the piece all together. If the piece feels unbalance then it is hard to look at for long periods of time. To illustrate how you need to balance your piece, take a spoon and find the point of balance with your middle finger. Notice that, although the spoon may be 5 inches long your finger is about an inch from the edge. imagine that on a piece of paper. The place of your finger is the center line on the page.


Repetition, contrast, dominance, and balance combine to reveal a strong compostion. This is good design. Good design is working these design principals to attract. This is what good design is…



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