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I stopped in my colleuge’s office to ask  a question while he was  putting a presentation together. He was focused, giving total attention to his 17 in wide screen, powered by the new mac book pro. I watched him cropped an image in photoshop save it as a jpg and drop it in some kind of power point presentation. His eyes widen with frustration as he took a deep breath. He looked away from the screen abd notices me in his office. He leaned over to me and asked “how can I get rid of the background so I can use the new background I created?”

This gave me a great idea to write this short informational article to all those new graphic designers still learning the tools. This is something you should know:

1.) Once you save the file as a tiff or jpeg photoshop will automaticly create a background.

Therefore you need to do one of two things:

1.) Bring your background and cut out image into photoshop or

2.) Import your cut out image into the program that you have your background image placed.

For Example: If I have a background image in illustrator all laid out, then import your cut out image from photoshop to illustrator.

The important thing is to use it as a PSD file because once it is switched over to a jpeg or tiff a background will be created, even if it is white.

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One Response to Background images

  1. Lechele says:

    This tip is so very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

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