Search Engine Ranking


Today, I checked through a couple of search engines like google, yahoo, altavista, and dogpile. I looked to find Creative Graphic Art. To my suprise I was on the first page on all four major search engines. It’s funny to me that people pay money to get there companies site to the top of the list when they can get it there for free.

Out of 64,400,000 websites with Creative Graphic Art. I was in the top 10 on  I highlighted the site in yellow. The first one is my  blog the second one is my website.


The term search engine optimization (SEO) is creating your website in a way that search engines like can find your site. It is important to be found by people when they are looking for you. How can you service people if people don’t know what you offer or that you’re even in business? In my opinion the search engines are the modern day telephone book/ yellow pages. You always want to be first. Be honest how many pages are you going to look through? Maybe five at most.


So how did Creative Graphic Art find its way to the top of the list on search engines like Well, that is the information that companies pay big money for, but I will tell you for FREE. Update your page regularly. That’s all. That’s the big secret.


One way to force yourself to update your site is to include a blog to your website. Some web developers will make it more complicated than necessary but its hard work maintaining a website. I believe it comes down to maintaining an informational website because that is what people come to the internet for. So, when setting up your website I strongly suggest updating it regularly or starting a blog. Either become a webmaster or hire a webmaster, other wise your site will get lost in internet outerspace.

If you would like more information google me at Creative Graphic Art


If you have any questions please ask: email me


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