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Creative Graphic Arts Theme Music

I was thinking, to really push this creative brand to the edge I have to do more than just graphics. I have to be multimedia. So, I pitched an idea to my musically gifted brother (Kevin Davis). I asked him to produce a track that sounds like a futuristic orchestra. What ever that my sound like!!! All I know, is that, I wanted to hear strings. You gotta listen to what he came up with. All the greats have theme music right? Superman, Spiderman, 007, Disney, and Creative Graphic Art.

Originally it was on the site but that did not work well. It slowed down the upload of the page. In addition, I did not want to suprise you with loud music.

This piece you are about to look and listen to is a work in progress. I want to add a few words to the song (this is last on the list). First thing  is to animate the video. If you have any ideas on what should be in the animation, let me know? Clcik on the link below


2 Responses to Theme Music

  1. Marco Faro says:

    Oi, gostei do seu site. Muito legal !

    Entra no meu também:

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