Delite Parfaits

Delite prefinal


This is a job well done article for my wife. She has worked very hard to share her creative spirit with others. Now every one gets a little taste of what I come home to every night. Well, almost every night.  Just recently Nu Wave resturant on davison and wildemer picked up Delite parfaits as part of there Dessert selection. I would like to give a special thanks to Faddy, the manager of NuWave for working with us. Ever Since the first order the orders have gotten bigger and bigger. After about two weeks a second store of Nu Wave put us on the menu.                                                           ( 6 mile and Hubble)


I am more excited than her at times because I was able to design everything. To see it come to life and see people at the store buying it is such a great feeling. The parfait flavors include: Strawberry, Apple cinnamon (which is my favorite), Lemon, and Banana. Blue berry and Chocolate are some new flavors  she is working on but I don’t know about that yet. Lol!!!

Here are some pictures of them on location.


In the near future I will be creating ads for them and will need your help with creating some good campaignes. So if you have a sweet tooth go grab a parfait at Nu Wave on Davison and Wildemer or drop me a line and put in an order for a few.

parfait 010


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