The Creative Spot 3


1.)Tells us some background information,your education,what you do, how long you’ve been doing it.

In terms of modeling I started by simply posing in front the mirror. I took a few photography classes in high school. Designing and editing I taught myself, by using internet tips mostly. I have only been modeling and editing for about 2 years now. Practicing photography for a little over four years.
2.)What made you become an artist/designer?

With photography, the final product after my first project made me fall in love with the art.I wanted to become a model because people told me I should try it. I did and I seen a part of me that I didn’t know I had. I love being in front of the camera.


3.)In the beginning of your career how did you market yourself?

I marketed myself by participating in fashion shows. small ones just to get my feet wet. In photography I worked with a known photographer so that I can learn, progress and get my self out in the world a little.

4.)What tools do you use, software and hardware?

I use a Canon 50D Eso Camera, and for editing I Use Photoshop. As for modeling I use my god given talent.


5.)How do you manage the business side?

On the buisness side I always present myself and my work in an appealing way. Always organized, on time for events or gigs, I always have patience and maintain a positive attiude with the people that I am working with. And when trying to get a job I always go knowing what I want and knowing what I can give to make an impression.

6.)Where and how do you get inspiration to design?

I get my inspiration from a photographer by the name of Carlos Foster who happens to be my fiance’, Anne Geddes, and also Photos by knight. My modeling it inspired by Tyra Banks and God.


7.)What is some advice you can give to people just starting out?

If your just staring out, have patience, stay motivated, pray, practice, accept criticism and apply changes where needed.


Thank you Tabitha for the interview.


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