Animation vs. Usability

I would like to outline some of the pros and cons of html and flash.

HTML pros:
Hyper text markup language is supported by all browsers on all
platforms of computers. This allows you to reach the broadest
audience. Dial up to T1 connection internet Explorer or Safari.
2.) Takes total advantage of Search Engine Optimization.By showing
search engine spiders that your site is a good source of information.

Flash pros:
Has interactivity and animation ability.

2.) The potential for creativity is limitless.

HTML cons:
Static page

Flash cons:
Doesn’t work with all browsers or connections.

If you understand a little on how people surf the web, then you
know people are impatient. If your web page doesn’t pop up in a couple
seconds they are on to the next. You’ve just lost that potential
customer. So, when constructing your web page ask yourself what is its

In my opinion, using a balance of both gives good results.
Capturing the consumers attention with flash and feeding them
information with good usable HTML.


One Response to FLASH vs. HTML

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