A good logo artist provides.


1.) Great service.

Above all, the logo artist should satisfy what you are looking for. In return you must provide him with good information to go in the right direction. You’ll save the artist time and in return save you money.

2.) A vector illustration.

This will allow you to change the size of the logo with out sacraficing quality.

3.) Black/White and color versions of the logo.

Having a black and white logo will allow you to apply your logo on promotional items inexpensively. The color version of the logo for the full essence of your company.

4.) A jpeg or bitmap.

This is good for web applications. It compresses the file size of the image for good viewing on the web.

5.) A tiff file.

This file is good for print, holding more information for vibrant colors. This file type can get  larger. 


Don’t just take my word for it check out what other artist say.





One Response to A good logo artist provides.

  1. Brian says:

    Excellent posting. Can’t wait to read a lot more about this topic.

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