As an artist and musician some of my best work is done when I am inspired. Inspiration comes and goes but is everywhere. Family, friends, music, books and my enviroment many times motivates me to create.

In the Layout Book by Paul Rand he states that” Inspiration is the spirit or energy that motivates the
creative process and provides the impetus to solve communication problems. It engages the senses of the designer and fosters originality. Inspiration signals the beginning of an idea.”

Some of the ideas I’ve had are so fragile that if I don’t jot them down and get them in writting they are gone forever.

The Illustration of my son and daughter where inspired by them. The way in which it was drawn was also inspired by them.I tried to capture the feeling that I get from them. Naveh soft and gentle, Josiah was a little more firm. I have found that I am mostly inspired by my suroundings and great music.

This leads me to ask what inspires you? How do you communicate and express your creativity? Is it through writing, drawing, singing or some other form? Where has some of your best, most creative work been inspired from? Is it a person or a movie?


As a graphic artist it is important for me to continually keep fresh ideas and motivation to produce good work.I have found that a change of scenery and trying new things give a rejuvinating spark. Tell me, how do you keep yourself motivated to produce?

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