72dpi to 300dpi

In building your brand through print media, the focus needs to be on quality. Good design, layout, quality images, and substrate. Pulling images off the web and placing them in your printed material can lead to poor quality print. Web images have a much lower resolution than print. A standard web image is set at 72 dpi ( dots per inch) while print is 300 dpi. If a web image is printed you will see pixellation. Pixellation is the display of pixels/ dots which are obvious to the eye.

Here is how you fix it in photoshop.

Open a picture

open picture

open picture

Go to image tag

go to image tag

go to image tag

Select image size and change the 72 dpi resolution.

72 dpi

72 dpi

Type in 300 dpi and hit ok.

300 dpi

300 dpi

This should correct the problem of pixellation. Notice by changing the resolution higher the size has changed also. If you have any questions concerning resolution for print contact me.

Sign up for the Quick Start video tutorials at www.cdesign8.com These are step by step instructions on how to use photoshop.


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